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Family Physicians

Dr. John S. Corey, BSc., MSc., diplBA, MD

Dr. Masoud Shahrokhi, MD, CCFP

Dr. Richard Taylor, MD, CCFP

Dr. Robert Burlin

Dr. Heather Babcock

Dr. Gregory Phillips - Book Online

Dr. Debra Van Aggelen

Dr. Jeannine Olszewski

Dr. Sarah Noble

Dr. Behzad Borji, MD

Dr. Stephen Peach


Associate Practitioners

Dr. Ali Masoumi, DC, MSc. (SportsMed), ICCSP, RCCSS(C)

Team Profile: Dr. Ali Masoumi

Dr. Romina Taheri-Talab, DTCM, BSc, PBD

Team Profile: Dr. Romina Taheri-Talab