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About Dr. Sahabi

Dr. Leila Sahabi, ND is dedicated to enhancing the health and quality
of life for her patients by providing and employing a comprehensive array
of natural therapies. Her goal is to help patients determine the origin of
their body’s disharmony and assist in helping them find an optimum

Her passion for science and human behavior led her to study both
Science and Psychology at UBC with a particular interest in Social
and Personality Psychology. After receiving her Bachelor of Science and
Psychology, she went on to pursue naturopathic medicine at the Boucher
Institute of Naturopathic Medicine where she developed a
particular interest in acupuncture, homeopathy, injection therapies and
nutritional counseling.

Dr. Sahabi is currently holding two active practices in Richmond and
Vancouver, British Columbia. She welcomes all types of patients with special
focuses on
female hormonal imbalances, gastrointestinal conditions, allergies, and
pain management.

Dr. Sahabi holds additional certifications in Biopuncture Injection,
Intravenous therapies, Bowen Therapy, First Line
Therapy® and Acupuncture. She also has additional training in
Homotoxicology and Neural therapy.

Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic Medicine is a comprehensive system of health care that
focuses on finding the origin of body’s imbalance. Naturopathic Medicine
incorporates traditional as well as the newest therapies to treat the
underlying cause of the individual’s condition.

Naturopathic physicians design a therapeutic lifestyle for the individual
and aim to prevent development of illnesses. They also provide treatments
for acute and chronic conditions using individualized therapies.
Naturopathic physicians have access to various tools such as laboratory
assessments to determine the appropriate types of treatments.

Naturopathic Therapies

Dr. Sahabi treats her patients using the following therapeutics:

• Nutritional and Orthomolecular Medicine: vitamins and
minerals used as intravenous, intramuscular injections or an oral
capsule to support body’s various physiological functions

• Biopuncture Injection: Biopuncture is a therapy whereby
specific locations are injected with biological products. The majority
of the products are derived from plants. Most of these injections are
given into the skin or into muscles.

• Botanical Medicine: Western and Chinese herbs used as
capsules, teas, or tinctures.

• Trigger Point Injection Therapy: This therapy is primarily
used for musculoskeletal pains and complaints. It involves injection
of homeopathic remedies into various muscle points and soft tissue
structures. It is a highly effective method of therapy for acute or
long-standing muscle and joint pain or other related problems.

• Acupuncture: using acupuncture needles to improve a variety of
health conditions by brining the body into a state of balance of Yin,
Yang, Qi and Blood.

• Homeopathy: a system of medicine that involves treating the
individual’s chronic or acute health concerns with highly diluted
remedies; the aim is to trigger the body’s natural healing ability.

• Homotoxicology & Biotherapeutic Drainage: a
combination of homeopathic remedies to detoxify the body and
restore its natural biological functions.

What are some commonly treated conditions?

Dr. Sahabi embraces the opportunity to treat all conditions. Some of the
most commonly conditions treated include:

Digestive Problems
Musculoskeletal Complaints
Female Hormonal Imbalances
Allergies (Food, Environmental, Chemicals)
Sleep Problems